About Us

When you need health care there are many options available. While it’s usually best to visit one physician who knows your entire history, many of you don’t have a doctor, or are unable to  get an appointment quickly and conveniently with your health care provider.

There are many clinics, hospital emergency rooms and urgent care centers in the Niagara region. At Promptdoc Urgent Care Clinic you will always see an experienced emergency or family physician, who has access to an Ontario Medical Association approved electronic medical record.

Our goal is to have you in and out of the clinic in about an hour. Obviously the wait may be longer depending on the number of patients who need our help. Please bear with us. Usually on those busy days the waits are even longer elsewhere.

Because there are other physicians and specialists in the building, the parking lot is often full. Don’t hesitate to stop in and register. We provide the most timely care in the region.

Always remember, comprehensive health care takes time. Time to listen to you, time to examine you and time to make the best recommendations.

Not all doctors are the same, and not all clinics provide the same quality of service.

Focus on one issue.

We need you to help us address your concern promptly so please be prepared for your visit:

  • Why do you need to see the doctor?
  • Know your medical history, allergies, and  medications.
  • When you have an on-going, complicated issue please use the Promptdoc visit form.

We recognize that your time is valuable. Waiting for health care costs time, and “Remember that TIME is money.”