Resources you can trust

General health and disease information

Medline health topics from National Institute of Health.

Medicine net disease information.

Mayo Clinic health information.

Up to Date medical information search.

What is MS? Multiple sclerosis information.

Heart Disease Risk Tool

Framingham Score Predicts 10 year chance of heart disease

Look up your symptoms

WebMD symptom search.

Medicine net symptom tracker.

Mayo Clinic tracker.

Nutrition resources

Calorie counter tracking program, calorie calculator and nutrient information.

Nutritiapedia Good source of nutrition advice for various medical conditions.

BMI calculator for adults.

BMI calculator for children and teens.

Elder care and aging resources

Assessment of mental function. Montreal cognitive assessment screening tool.

Canadian eldercare resources.

USA eldercare resources.

Mental health and drug abuse

Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale. Good screening tool for depression.

       My mood monitor. Short questionnaire for mental health disease.

Help Guide. Resource guide for mental, emotional and social health.

       Fibromyalgia impact questionnaire Survey of effects on daily living.

Opioid Risk Tool. Assesses the risk for opioid addiction.

Healthyself Empowerment schedule.

Central Sensitization Inventory To assess for Central Sensitization Syndrome.

Medication information

Drug information on line.

Women’s Health

Women’s Health  Great resource for a numbers of women’s health concerns.

Pregnancy information

Due date tracker. When is it coming?

Motherisk program from University of Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. Excellent resource on pregnancy issues, including medication safety and breast feeding.

CDC pregnancy homepage. Comprehensive resource for most pregnancy related topics.

Autism Parent Resource Kit

Designed for parents and caregivers, the Autism Parent Resource Kit is a comprehensive online resource, developed by the government of Ontario.

Routine immunizations

Canadian requirements.

CDC information. Comprehensive resource about vaccines and immunizations.

Sports medicine/injuries

Stop sports injuries Good resource for sports injuries and preparation.

       Head injury guidelines  Latest recommendations on participation after concussion.

Travel health

Canadian government recommendations.

CDC (Center for Disease Control Atlanta) destinations checker.

Complementary and alternative therapies

Medline alternative therapies  from National Institute of Health.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Therapies (U.S.).

Comprehensive search for supplement effectiveness and recommendations.