We can care for most of your medical needs including:

  • ordering blood-work for cholesterol, thryoid, prostate, pregnancy, etc.
  • while we do not draw blood on the premises we can order the tests you need. We receive the results quickly from the many LifeLab locations around St. Catharines. We can forward the results to your physician if you wish.
  • We can facilitate Xrays and ulltrasounds and have them performed quickly throughout the area.
  • Routine immunizations and TB testing are performed in the clinic.
  • We have expertise in travel medicine and can provide you with the most appropriate immunizations and advice.
  • We can perform non-OHIP covered exams like MOT physicals without an appointment.

PromptDoc Urgent Care Clinic has a state of the art procedure room. Our physicians can address many minor emergencies.

These include, but are not limited to:


We can fix most simple lacerations. For some lacerations we can use glue (for an extra charge to cover the cost of the glue). More complex lacerations may involve deeper tissues and structures like tendons and blood vessels, and these would require referral to a specialist. If we cannot fix your laceration we will clean and dress the wound, update your tetanus status and make sure you are referred to the most appropriate facility. You can be confident that while you wait in the emergency department, you have already received the proper initial treatment.

Wound care.

We can clean and re-dress burns, abrasions and post-surgical wounds.

We can address your post-op concerns: whether there is an infection, how the wound is healing and how quickly you need to see your specialist.

Contusions, sprains and fractures.

We can evaluate whether you need an x-ray, expedite your care and refer as necessary. We treat sprains and splint injuries if needed.

Ear wax removal.

Can’t hear? Come in and see us. Many of the local audiologists refer patients to us for ear cleansing.

Abscesses and infections.

Not only can we treat infections with antibiotics, but we can perform incision and drainage of an uncomfortable abscess when necessary.