Our Physicians






Dr. Nishan Jayawardene MD

I graduated from the University of Toronto Medical School in 1998 and did my residency training in Family and Emergency Medicine at McMaster. I have been working in various emergency departments in the Niagara region. I am interested in technology and in developing software that helps to enhance the physician-patient interaction.






Dr. Ashok Sharma MD

For the last 40 years, as a board certified Emergency Medicine specialist, I have enjoyed academic and community based practice in various cities of Ontario, including the St. Catharines General Hospital since 1989. I want to continue to help people by providing patient focused care.







Dr. Tom Mazzone MD

I trained at the University of Buffalo and have been a board certified emergency specialist since 1988. After running emergency departments in the US and Canada for 32 years I wanted a new challenge: to help patients lead active, healthy lives. Longevity is more than luck.